Deep Sea Diving


Have you always wondered about the deep side of the Earth?  What we’re talking about is the gigantic underwater world that makes up for 71% of the Earth’s surface.  Crazy, isn’t it?  It’s also crazy how little we know and understand of more than two thirds of the Earth.  This blog will be dedicated to the discovery and exploration of the underwater world.

In order to be able to study the deep, dark depths of the ocean, we need proper gear and equipment.  These include drones, helmet diving suits, submarines, diving vessels, and much more.  Although we spend a ton of money on these tools, we still don’t know much about the ocean.  Diving equipment was introduced in the 17th century so that fishermen could stay underwater for longer in order to catch more fish.  This invention has led to the study of the ocean which has in turn introduced the discovery of the underwater world.  There are thousands of species down there – as far as we know.

The use of deep sea diving to study the ocean is important for many reasons.  First, it helps us understand the ecosystem which aids us in analyzing the structure of our world.  Second, it gives us a firm understanding of geology, chemistry, biology, and more.  Third, the things we find down under are just really cool!  So stay tuned for more information on interesting findings in the deep, dark sea.